Wine List and Cocktails

Wine List and Cocktails

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Our Wine List

What a pleasure it has been to create this wine list! We have hand-picked every entry, and happily guarantee that you will be pleased with your choice. In many cases, we know the winemakers or owners personally. Their integrity and craftsmanship are evident in each bottle.

What are phenols?

According to Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst in “Wine Lover’s Companion,” phenolic compounds are “naturally occurring compounds present in grape skins and seeds and extracted from oak barrels.” They include “tannins and pigments and are responsible for astringency, bitterness, color, some flavors and odors (like vanillin), and antioxidant activity (which helps wine age).”

Our list, taking a phenolic “ladder” as our guide, places white wines before red wines. Wines which are lighter in style are at the top of their categories, and those which are progressively bigger in style follow. So, even if you do not recognize a particular wine on our list, you should feel confident in predicting the kind of expression of its varietal that it is delivering just by where it is located in its category. In other words, “bigger” wines will be farther down on the list in each category. If all else fails: Ask. We love to talk wine!
Cheers – Ellen

A Drinking Song

Wine comes in at the mouth.
And love comes in at the eye;
That’s all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth
I look at you, and I sigh!
– W. B. Yeats


About Our Cocktail, Spirits and Beer List

 We have a full bar, and we pour a premium well. We have a fine selection of single malt scotch and a super lineup of top-notch rums from around the world.Presently we have over 75 rums to taste! Remember, rum is every sailor’s choice! We have six great and unique, fresh beers on tap and over 25 in the bottle, a dozen which are in large format bottles. We offer over twenty wines by the glass. Our bartenders are creative, charming and professional, and are ready to shake you a fabulous martini, a delicious margarita, or to create for you your own unique concoction.

All of our cocktails are hand crafted with top quality spirits, fresh herbs, fresh squeezed juices, house made syrups, HFCS free sodas and mixers. We also offer a great cocktail list with many of our award winning drinks. The cocktail list has seasonal changes and also offers a section we call the Venerables, showcasing classic cocktails from an era gone by. Our bar is a great place to tie up and have a drink and some oysters, or a full meal. The entire menu is available at the bar all day.

wcyc-drinks1Mai Tai circa 1944

Cielo Rosso