Memories Made at WCYC

My dad was very excited to donate his Burgee flag from his 41 foot Erickson sailboat named “Bevika” to the Walnut Creek Yacht Club for their decorations. The burgee flag is above him and a little to the right of the top picture.  It is Blue, White, Red on the right side with 2 different symbols on it.  It is labeled Royal Hawaiian Yacht Club and was flown by him during his Transpac race from San Pedro, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii.  
All of the pictures in this photo are from the WCYC.  The menu is dated 3/1/14 as we celebrated many of his birthdays there.
I am so very proud that the WCYC has displayed this burgee for our family.  Your fish is excellent, my husband loves your oysters, and we are a little closer to him when we visit because of his burgee. (He passed 6/28/2014.)
Thanks for the memory every time we dine at the WCYC!  And as my dad would say:
“Okole Maluna.”  which is a Hawaiian toast meaning bottoms up!
Kevin’s 60th Birthday
Good Friends at OysterFest
More OysterFest fun
Colleen Shepherd ( the mother )Patricia and Colleen ( the daughter with same name )
We had a blast and Love the WCYC!!

Waving a proud WCYC burgee on our boat. Happy Memorial Day weekend! – Martha & Carlton Lear

One that really sticks out in my mind, is leaving the hospital after having a total hip replacement, and asking to go straight to the Walnut Creek yacht club. Everyone was astounded, but it was all I could think about. -Hilary Lerner

Ethan Smith from Danville. 10th & 16th birthday.
Loves celebrating and having oysters here at WCYC for his birthday!

We’ve been coming to the Walnut Creek Yacht Club for many years. After our first years of visits, my husband decided he wanted to try some of the red wines from France on your wonderful wine list. So we departed from the traditional pairings of seafood with white wines, tried a red, and have never turned back from being less tied to the old rules of wine/food pairings. I encourage anyone trying to decide whether to order a fine red wine with their fish to be adventurous. Not only have we had some wonderful wines, they complemented the fish perfectly. -Carol Beran

Birthday celebration with friends!
Cheers to timeless traditions and cherished memories!